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Ilm Tree Foundation

We believe that by nurturing Imaan within children, we will provide them with the tools to contribute positively to their communities; building a healthier, more beautiful world graced by the love of Allah.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer a truly holistic approach to Islamic education, where children learn in an engaging and stimulating environment, allowing them to develop into unique, creative and confident young Muslims.

We are defined by our student's positive learning experience and our forward-looking approach. 






We want children to fall in love with Allah SWT and our Beloved Prophet Muhammed (Peace be Upon Him). Islam is beautiful, its teachings are beautiful - let’s allow children to feel the love of Allah SWT and inspire them to embrace the Sunnah of his Beloved (Peace be Upon Him)


We want children to learn about Islam in a nurturing, loving and creative way. We believe that learning should be enjoyable and memorable so that children develop a love for learning about Islam and a strong desire to continue their education as a lifetime experience.



Knowledge is truly beneficial when it is followed up with actions. We want children to live Islam by practicing its teachings in their everyday lives. Throughout our curriculum, students are given activities to back up their classroom learning e.g. a lesson on being good to parents will be followed up by a task to help parents in the home.

Teaching methodology

At Ilm Tree we look for a particular profile within a teacher. As expected, along with qualification and experience, a passion to bring change in young people is one of the key ingredients we look for in all our teacher's.


Our mix of male and female teachers, who come from a background of sacred learning, are trained to make teaching relevant, purposeful and exciting.

Gentle and loving approach
Nurture love & awareness of Allah
Create positive associations when teaching Islam
Develop the child's morals and manners
Develop the child's social dimensions
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