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and enriching. 

A curriculum that is progressive and relevent to young British Muslims.

Our chosen curriculum has been developed by leading Muslim scholars and is used in many institutes throughout the UK. We are proud to have a progressive curriculum that is contexualised and relevant to young Muslims living in Britain.


At Ilm Tree, the focus will be to introduce children to the correct recitation of the Quran. We strive to make Qur’an lessons informative and enjoyable for the students so that they come to build a solid lifelong attachment and love for the Qur’an.


Quranic study is divided into two parts,

Recitation and Memorisation.

Recitation – Covers the science of tajweed, where your child will master the authentic recitation of the Quran.

Memorisation – Covers the memorisation with the meaning of a selection of short Surah’s.


Our aim is for children to speak and understand Arabic language fluently in order for them to understand the Quran and sacred knowledge to a much deeper level.


In the primary year’s, children will start by gaining familiarity with reading and writing through fun and stimulating activities while gradually building a reserve of useful Arabic vocabulary.

Islamic Studies

The aim of Islamic Studies is to teach the correct knowledge of Islam, which is moderate, healthy and in accordance with British values. We endeavour to create the love of Islam within all students and enable them to implement what they have learnt within their everyday lives.


Islamic studies

Different aspects of Islamic studies topics are covered in a structured syllabus. This way the students build their knowledge and understanding term by term, year by year.

Students from the age of five and above will be studying from high quality, colourful, creative educational books which cover a wide range of subjects including:


Islamic jurisprudence; the rules and practices we follow in Islam


Learning and understanding Islamic beliefs

Stories of the Prophets

The biography of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and other Prophets 

Islamic History

The lives of the Companions and major events of importance.

Adab & Akhlaq

Islamic manners and etiquette essential to a moral and rewarding life

Islamic Arts and Culture

At Ilm Tree we provide a wonderful opportunity for children to become involved in a range of activities, events and adventure.

Arabic Calligraphy


Nasheed singing

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