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Child's journey

Learning at Ilm Tree is engaging, active and fun.

We are committed to providing a child-centered learning environment for every child, ensuring their learning journey is positive and memorable.

Our tailored approach enhances progress achievement and participation based on pupils needs, where we encourage active commitment from pupils, responsiveness from teachers and engagement from parents.

Highly qualified teachers

Raised in Britain and English speaking, our teachers are committed to providing your child with the kind, caring system of education that promotes creativity and respect.

Classroom Sizes

Our small teacher to pupil ratio ensures that your child's education comes first with our highly qualified teachers.

Progress Reporting

To keep your child’s learning on track, your child will be assessed throughout the year and course correction in teaching and learning styles will be implemented. This will ensure your child receives the attention in their learning that they deserve.

Termly progress report


Each child is given a termly progress report which will review how he/she has performed within all subjects.


The report will highlight how the child has improved in their learning during the term, identifying key learning gaps so that parents and teachers can work together to ensure that each child is given the correct support to achieve positive and successful grades during their time with us.


Pencil and notepad

Parent interaction


Parents are integrated into their child’s learning through parent-teacher interaction. Teachers provide parents with a comprehensive 6 monthly appraisals on their child’s progress and future goals with an in-depth look at a student’s performance based on effort, homework and behaviour.


In addition, parent and teacher meetings are held throughout the year to give parents an opportunity to receive feedback regarding their child’s progress.

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